Welcome to the guide for the Yokine Social League. All you need to know on how to register a team for our social ultimate league, how to register, opening and closing dates, “how to” manuals, what websites are relevant, who to contact and much more!

The Yokine Ultimate League commenced in October 2009 aimed at providing a social competition targeting new players with a strong focus on youth development.

In this section you will find the all the information you need to get involved!

  • Have you got enough players to enter a mixed gender team?
  • Have all your players got information on how to get a membership via
  • Have you registered your team on the registration site by the set deadline?
  • Do you understand the league rules and requirements
  • Do you know how and when to make payments?
  • How to complete and submit game and spirit scores?
  • How to record picks up and fill in players?
  • How to find game fixtures?
  • Who to contact if there are any issues?

SOCIAL 6’s: Our summer social league runs from October to March each year, registration will be open from early September. We run 2 x 10 week seasons over the summer months, with each season costing $50 per adult ($40 U18s) which covers you for 10 games. Always the same place, time and day: 6:30pm – 7:30pm, Yokine reserve on Tuesday nights. It is a mixed gender format, 6 a side = 3 female, 3 male split for each point. Simple.

In signing up for the Yokine Social League participants agree to support the development of new players and foster the playing environment for youth players to take part in this social competition. We do take players as young as nine (9) so if you are not keen to be part of a mixed age/mixed level league then this is not the league for you.

Registration details will be posted on our Facebook page and on our website home page at the beginning of September for the league commencing in October and then again in December for the league commencing in January.

Websites to watch!

First thing to understand is that we work across two main websites for our league, this may seem confusing at first but it won’t take long to get comfortable with the set up.

We have our official club website site: All information relevant to our club including latest news, achievements and history are kept here. We advertise all our leagues here and provide links to registration forms.

Then there is the website of the Australian Flying Disc Association, (this is our National Sporting Organisation) they take care of insurance, membership databases and event hosting registration systems. Every single tournament and league in Australia has a unique registration page specific to that event only. You not registered for an event unless you appear on the registration page for each league and tournament via this site. Our League Director handles registration on this site for your team. Each player will need a membership (which does not attract a cost) this is explained below.

If you are interested in other activities here in WA then you can take a look at WA Ultimate is our State Sporting Association. Throughout the year there are other league, tournaments, training opportunities and general WA related news posted here.

There is also the World Flying Disc Federation (WFDF) website, (our international governing body). This site will be visited less frequently but it is where players will need to be directed to in order to find the full set of official rules or if they choose to get their rules accreditation.

Come and Try/Registration Night

Prior to each ten (10) week season commencing we hold a free come and try/registration night. This is the time that you can come and try it out before signing up, bring a friend along or bring your team for a casual practice game. It is easier for our organisers to have all players signed up online via the official forms but it is possible to sign up on the night as a last resort. Be warned we do have strict deadline time frames and maximum player capacity to take into consideration so help us, help you and ensure you are registered prior to the come and try nights.

How to register a team for League?

Each advertised league will appear on our club website home page via There are simple forms provided so that you can either enter your own team or you can register as an individual and we will find a team for you. If you have a friend (or 2) that you want to be on the same team as, simply let us know at the time of registration so we can accommodate the request. You will receive an email confirming your registration. It is a requirement that all players must have a membership with the Australian Flying Disc Association, this does not attract a cost (as it is already included in player fees) but it is mandatory and each player will be required to finalise their membership before being accepted to the league. Our League Director will hand all the registering of players onto the registration page for you. Don’t worry we will send a reminder and these step by step instructions with pictures available will help you out if needed:

I don’t have a team?

No team, no worries! Sign up as a individual and we will find a team for you!


All teams are expected to pay their fees by the start of round three (3) of the Yokine Social League. Pricing structure and deadlines are clearly outlined in each registration article link on both websites we work with.

If you have any casual fill-ins or players that may only play a few games they are still required to pay for games they do play. There is a casual payment fee set at $5 per game. This casual fee can be paid on site to the League Director or transferred within seven (7) days to the nominated account. Please note cash and EFTPOS/PayPal (including Credit Card facilities) are available on site. Failure to pay will incur a penalty for your team.


Included in your fees is a mandatory portion charged by the Australian Flying Disc Association to cover insurance. A breakdown of coverage and links to claim forms and procedures can be found here.



Your main line of communication with be with our League Director. For matters relating to fixtures, registration issues, score submissions and Spirit of the Game enquiries, general rule clarifications, being able to connect with other team captains and lost property can all be directed via


We have a Facebook discussion group for more informal communication relating to the Yokine League and local events. Forget your cleats, need players, general updates for other events & items – then check in here. Formal communication will still occur via formal methods as per usual. THINK BEFORE YOU WRITE – Any negative or abusive actions will results in members banned from this group. Request to join here.


PRIMAL produces a weekly e-newsletter update during the season. It is highly recommended that all members subscribe to this newsletter to ensure they are kept up to date with all the latest news and announcements. You can subscribe here.

League Rules

Very simple, key rules of play for the Yokine Social League will all be found here. It is all players’ responsibility to be aware of the rules that govern the competition they take part in. Further study on the official rules that govern this sport can be found here. We do have senior club members on hand in all games to help with rule clarifications, as with anything new learning the rules, etiquette and protocols can seem overwhelming at first, don’t be afraid to ask questions and learn something new each week. This ensure a safe environment for all participants and makes for an overall more enjoyable competition for all involved.

Spirit of the Game (SOTG)

The core of Ultimate is the governing concept of SOTG. As a self-adjudicated sport, Spirit is the key that allows the competition to be conducted at any level, from social to elite play. Respect (for teammates, opponents and the rules of the game), sportsmanship, fair play and integrity are concepts of particular importance. Taking time to learning the rules and game etiquette is vital to providing a fun and safe environment for the Yokine Social League.

Mixed gender, how does it work?

The Yokine Social League is a 6-a-side mixed gender competition. The on-field ratio is 3 male and 3 females on the pitch for any one point. As this is a learning and social environment we allow captain to make fair alterations to this format if a discussion takes before each game. We do have juniors as young as nine (9) years old take place and at times there may need to be modifications agreed upon to make a safe, fun game goes ahead.

Roster Size

We recommend the minimum roster size eight (8) is and the maximum roster size is twelve (12). It is recommended that you aim to have at least one (1) extra male and one (1) extra female substitution outside the standard six (6) just in case you have people away, this was it ensures your team is able to play the whole game.

Uniform Requirements

The minimum uniform standard for league is that all players on the same team wear a matching colour t-shirt E.G. if your team elects to be red then BE RED – not shades of light pink to dark pink. It is advised to pack an alternative in your bag just in case. Navy blue v black is not always easy as to differentiate under lights. Shoes are NOT negotiable. All players must have appropriate footwear to take part in our league. Sneakers are more than adequate however you will notice that many players wear cleats (football/soccer boots) given the game requires you to change direction often and the studs help with this. Please note, not metal studs are allowed.


Fixtures and score updates are all stored on the league registration via the site – we share a weekly updates in our e-newsletter with a direct link to fixtures and results. Typically the format is a simple round robin that progresses to a grand final or final placing game.


Whilst not ideal for anyone involved, from time to time, circumstances may lead to a team needing to forfeit. As soon as you know your team needs to forfeit you need to email the League Director and notify them of the situation. The League Director will assist you with notifying your opposition team.

Submitting Scores

We supply teams with a folder each week so that scores can be submitted directly after games. This folder is collected before your game commences and returned immediately after the game finishes. Our League Director will then update results online for all teams.

Spirit of the Game Scoring System

After each game, teams give a SOTG game score to their opposition. Essentially your team is assessed across five key areas for that game. Your whole team should be consulted when determining a score for your opposition. The score in each of the five categories are summed up to work out the SOTG score for the other team. These scores are public just like game scores and the team that sits highest on the SOTG ladder at the end of the season is deemed the prestigious SOTG Winners.

Most scores will be between 8-13 points. A “2” in any category is considered normal – you award or subtract points based on example provided in the help sheet. “10” is a good, average score.

There are five (5) key areas you will address when rating your opposition for the game you just played. Each category is rated out of a total of 4 points and will determine a final score out of 20 for your opponent.

  1. Rules Knowledge and Use – Examples: They did not purposefully misinterpret the rules. They kept to time limits. When they didn’t know the rules they showed a real willingness to learn
  2. Fouls and Body Contact – Examples: They avoided fouling, contact, and dangerous plays.
  3. Fair-Mindedness – Examples: They apologized in situations where it was appropriate, informed teammates about wrong/unnecessary calls. Only called significant breaches
  4. Positive Attitude and Self-Control – Examples: They were polite. They played with appropriate intensity irrespective of the score. They left an overall positive impression during and after the game
  5. Communication – Examples: They communicated respectfully. They listened. They kept to discussion time limits

Spirit of the Game scoring help sheet can be downloaded here.

 Check list

  • Have you got enough players to enter a mixed gender team?
  • Have all your players got information on how to get a membership via
  • Have you registered your team on the registration site by the set deadline?
  • Do you understand the league rules and requirements
  • Do you know how and when to make payments?
  • How to complete and submit game and spirit scores?
  • How to record picks up and fill in players?
  • How to find game fixtures?
  • Who to contact if there are any issues?