Yokine League Finals December 2013

What a great start to the summer season! 8 teams competed over 10 weeks in the Yokine Social League held every Tuesday night at Yokine Reserve. It was simply amazing to see so many new faces supporting this league and really enjoying the social and skillful aspects of the game each week.

Well done to Goslings on taking honours this league over The Pineapples. Big congratulations on The Pineapples taking the minor premiership going undefeated throughout the league.

Our Spirit winners were Murray who were by far simply outstanding in this field all league. Female player’s choice was awarded to Ellie from Yokine Do It and Leigh from Murray received the male player’s choice award.

Captain’s choice awards went to: Aiden, Curtis, Bianca, Julie, Sandy, Josh and Tony

HUGE THANKS to Jo and Chris who excelled on bbq duties, Nat and Eli for their assistance in setting up each week and to Jen for her awesome photography work.

PRIMAL Ultimate Club can not express enough gratitude for the support and sportsmanship of their members, you guys really make this league the best on offer and continue to ensure Tuesday is the day to look forward to each week.

All the photos can be found here! Next league returns January 14th, details here.

Final placings

1. Goslings
2. Pineapples
3. Yokine Do It
4. Phobophobia
5. ampliFIRE
6. Diatribe
7. Murray
8. Spider Pigs

Player's Choice Awards. Ellie (Yokine Do It) & Leigh (Murray

Player’s Choice Awards.
Ellie (Yokine Do It) & Leigh (Murray

League Winners: Goslings

League Winners: Goslings

Spirit Winners: Murray

Spirit Winners: Murray

Captain's Choice Awards

Captain’s Choice Awards