Yokine Social League Oct-Dec 2017

Yokine Social League returns for final league of the 2016/2018 season

FREE Come and Try night – Tuesday 10th October 6:00pm-7:30pm (Yokine Reserve, Yokine)

Registration is now open – simply fill in the form via the links to complete your registration. We recommend you fill in the form below so you don’t miss out! Our Summer 2017 social league season will commence on October 17th and run until December 19th. All games are held at Yokine Reserve, Yokine.

When: Tuesdays 6:30pm-7:30pm
Duration: October 17th to December 19th.
Cost: $50 adults and $40 for juniors (under 18 years old)
Who: Men, Women and Youth (12 yrs+)
Questions? Email PRIMAL

If you wish to register a team please complete the form here.


If you are registering as an individual looking for a team please complete the form here.

New to the League? Check out our Frequently asked questions here.


The World U24 Ultimate Champions are coming to Perth.

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Don’t miss out on all the action as athletes from 22 countries battle it out right here in January.

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2014 Yokine Social League


The Yokine Ultimate League commenced in October 2009 aimed at providing a social competition targeting new players with a strong focus on youth development. This October PRIMAL will host the Yokine Ultimate League for the 6th year. Registration is now open and all the sign up details are below!

2014 Yokine Social Ultimate League


Don’t worry if you haven’t played before, join us on October 7th where you can try Ultimate for FREE at Yokine Reserve from 6:30pm. We will even find a team for you, feel free to bring your friends! This is our official registration and information night. Our Summer 2014 social league season will commence October 14th and run until December 16th.


When: Tuesdays
Where: Yokine Reserve, Yokine
Duration: October 14th to 16th December
Cost: $40 adults and $30 for juniors (under 18 years old)
Who: Men, Women and youth (13 yrs+)
Questions? Email primal@waultimate.com
You can register your team here if you do not have a team please register your interest here and we will find a team for you.

Yokine Reserve

Yokine League Finals March 2014

A bittersweet time of the year…epic finals night and great social atmosphere with our BBQ and presentations but also meant the summer season had come to an end. We took time to celebrate 2 amazing league seasons will our awesome players.

Well done to Ananas on taking honours this league in a 1 point thriller over Goslings 2.0.

Our Spirit winners were Diatribe who were outstanding all league and recruited heaps of new players throughout the season. Female player’s choice was awarded to Katelyn from Murray 2.0 and Tim from Diatribe received the male player’s choice award.

Captain’s choice awards went to: Nathan, Kirsten, Adam, Michelle, Grace and Tony

HUGE THANKS to Chris who excelled on bbq duties, Teresa for her help with catering and Jo for her amazing time keeping skills and to Natalie for running the show in Anna’s absence.

PRIMAL Ultimate Club can not express enough gratitude for the support and sportsmanship of their members, we can’t wait do it all again next summer season.

The Yokine Social League will return in October 2014.

Final placings:

1. Ananas
2. Goslings 2.0
3. Phobophobia
4. Yokine Do It
5. Murray 2.0
6. Diatribe

League Champions: Ananas

League Champions: Ananas

Spirit Winners: Diatribe

Spirit Winners: Diatribe

Captain Awards

Captain Awards

Player Choice Awards Tim (Diatribe) & Katelyn (Murray 2.0)

Player Choice Awards
Tim (Diatribe) & Katelyn (Murray 2.0)