Campaign Information

2014 World Ultimate Club Championships
Campaign Information

Player Applications
It is the intention to select a competitive, athletic club team to represent Australia in the Women’s Masters Division at the 2014 World Ultimate Club Championships (WUCC).

Age Criteria:
Women Master – A player participating in the Women Master division must be thirty (30) years old or older on December 31 of the year of the event

Expressions of Interest (EOI) will be called for via current portals being the PRIMAL Ultimate Club website, mailing lists and social media options. Each player seeking consideration will need to complete the EOI form here and pay a deposit by 15 November 2013. This deposit is refundable should your application be unsuccessful.

Once EOIs have been received selection events will be set as required and training camps will be set following the announcement of the final team.

Special circumstances or exceptions to this rule will be addressed in case by case manner by the panel of selectors. Selectors reserve the right to make amendments to the final roster as required to ensure the team is balanced and designed to achieve the best results possible at WUCC.

Following selection events feedback will be provided to players by selectors in person, via email or phone as appropriate. Selectors will provide feedback based on the Selection Criteria provided below.

Notifying Player Applicants of Selection Outcomes
All selection announcements will be based on the following process:
• Decision made by selectors and report prepared
• Players informed that selections have been made
• Players will be allocated a specific selector who they can contact, via phone or email, to find out about their selection
• Players will have a set time period in which they can contact their relevant selector
• After this time period, selections will be announced to the team via email
• A public announcement on the PRIMAL Ultimate Club website, mailing list and social media portals

Selection Criteria

Performance Criteria
• Athleticism
• Team Fit
• Skills
• Personal contribution
• Team contribution
• Efficiency
• Decision Making
• Playing ability, game awareness, ability to adapt
• Pressure
o application of
o response to
• Ability to understand plays, zones, tactics,
• Ability to follow instructions

Personal Attributes and Athlete Attitude
• Coachability
• Selection event attendance
• Communication skills
• Willingness to act on feedback
• Self management (personal conduct, injuries etc)
• Discipline
• Adherence to AFDA Code of Conduct

• Commitment to the entire campaign
• Commitment to training programs
• Ability to meet the financial needs associated with the campaign
• All candidates will need to be residing in Australia and able to attend selection and training events

• Upholds the spirit of the game
• Good knowledge of the rules

Location and timing:
The World Flying Disc Federation is pleased to announce that the WFDF 2014 World Ultimate Club Championships (WUCC) 2014 will be hosted in the city of Lecco, Lombardy (Italy). The event will be held from August 2-9, 2014 at the facilities at the Nuova Poncia Polo & Country Club in Lecco featuring 33 Ultimate fields. The finals will be staged in the Stadio Rigamonti-Ceppi, the main stadium of the city of Lecco on August 9, 2014.

Affiliation Declaration:
As per the AFDA policy on Clubs seeking a bid at the 2014 WUCC in Italy it is a requirement that teams are incorporated or have a sponsoring incorporated body. PRIMAL Ultimate Club is the official sponsoring body with Club President Anna Haynes gaining the successful bid on behalf of the Club as per AFDA guidelines..

Players with previous international women’s masters tournament experience have first right to apply for this team, eligible existing PRIMAL Ultimate Club members have second priority and then selections are open up to the Australia Ultimate community to fill the roster.

The PRIMAL paw print logo must appear on all team uniforms in some way regardless of the final team name and official team logo. Uniforms are subject to approval by PRIMAL Ultimate Club and the Australian Flying Disc Association.

All players wishing to be eligible for selection must complete the EOI form and deposit $100.00 to the PRIMAL Ultimate Club account by November 15th, 2013.

Bank Details:
PRIMAL Ultimate Club
BSB: 086 082
ACC: 753 880 276
Reference: WUCC AFDA#

All enquiries can be directed to Anna Haynes via