Mixed Nationals Team

Player Profiles

PRIMAL Ultimate Club is proud to present to you the team competing at the 2012 Australian Mixed Ultimate Championships.

Name: Anna Haynes (Perth)
Head Coach/Co-Captain

Number: 8
Position: Handler
Bio: Playing since 2003, Anna has competed in Ultimate tournaments at all levels. Starting out as a receiver in the early days, Anna has gained plenty of Ultimate experience in the last decade and can now offer a solid range of swill to deliver to her team mates as a handler. Favourites include a delightful blade flick and an ambitious high hammer on a stall count of 9. Be sure to keep count at AMUC 2012. History: World Ultimate and Guts Championships (2012), Australian Ultimate Championships (2003-2012), Asian Oceanic Ultimate Championships (2011), Australian Mixed Nationals (2006, 2010 & 2011), World Ultimate Club Championships (2006)
Name: Kyal Oh (Perth)
Assistant Coach/Co-Captain
Number: 3
Position: Handler
Bio: Kyal was first introduced to Ultimate in 2005. He thought it was a silly sport and didn’t want to play. he now regrets those thoughts that he had many years ago, and has been making up for much lost time. Returning to his senses in 2009 (thanks to his mum for signing him up) from playing in the PRIMAL social league to a quick move into a Div 1 & 2 Perth leagues Kyal went on to play his first AMUC in 2011 and AUC in 2012. Starting as a quick little receiver has now developed into a strong handler offering a lovely flick huck and various other swill. Don’t be fooled by his height this white boy can jump!
Name: Natalie Kippin (Perth)
Team Manager/Uniform Coordinator
Number: 29
Position: Cutter (Mid)
Bio: Started playing in 2006, with my first AUC in 2007. Have played in Oz and the UK. Began as a cutter/receiver but I now enjoy mixing it up and playing in all positions. My most recent nationals was with Sand Dunes in Newcastle, learning from some of Australia’s best female players (and taking home the bronze! (cheers Woodie)). I’m a country gal at heart, love being outdoors and love a good roast dinner.
Name: Julie Hardt (Perth)
Number: 0
Position: Utility
Bio: Started playing in the U.S. for the University of Georgia in 2004 as a long receiver. Between 2007 and 2012, Julie has played on a number of Unigames teams representing UWA, and she has also attended Nationals representing female teams from WA. While she started out as a receiver, she has worked on her handling capabilities and has developed into quite a handy utility player. Her biggest asset is being able to read the flow of the game, and her favourite style of playing is give and go handling for the big payout scores. She’s not afraid to layout or run down any disc.
Name: Jaxon Botje (Perth)
Number: 13
Position: Utility
Bio: Jaxon started playing in 2009 at a social league at age 14, he fell in love with the sport straight away and has since gone on to play Phoenix in 2010, 2011 and 2012. Jaxon had been training continuously with coach Anna Haynes and was selected to represent Australia in the 2011 Trans-Tasman cup and then the following year Jaxon was once again selected to represent Australia at the WJUC in Dublin. Jaxon is ready to Represent PRIMAL at the AMUC 2012 and put his great defensive knowledge to use.
Name: Sam Francoise (Perth)
Number: 14
Position: Handler
Bio: Sam known as ‘Dizzy’ started at a social league in 2009 at the age of 14. Coach Anna Haynes saw the potential and invested in this young superstar. Training has been tough but Sam says “Although training felt like I was at boot camp it enabled me to play against New Zealand in The Trans-Tasman cup in 2011 and Junior worlds in Dublin 2012”. Now that he has been given the opportunity to play with Primal at the AMUC 2012 Sam has been training harder than ever before. It is believed that one of his talents is speed and some say his like a young version of Usian Bolt. People look out for this player on the field.
Name: Debbie Staples (Perth)
Number: 9
Position: Cutter/Receiver
Bio: Introduced to Ultimate in 2002, Debbie played her first Aussie Nationals in 2003 and went on to play in WUCC 2006. She has played leagues and tournaments in Perth, Asia and North America. She has been a “staple” on the WA women’s team at Nationals since 2003, but moved to Vancouver after the 2009 tournament, where she started playing for the local club Zephyr. Now back in the Primal fold, she will be expected to run, catch, block and maybe throw. Don’t be surprised to see her cut long for a Haynes backhand.
Name: Andrew Jennings (Perth)
Number: 10
Position: Utility
Bio: AJ started playing towards the end of 2010 in PRIMAL’s annual social league.His first taste of the disc in game was a layout to score off an outstanding touch throw from John “JD” Damiani, he hasn’t landed yet. AJ went on to compete in western regionals and AMUC 2011 within a year and is now lining up a consecutive mixed nats in as many years. A highlight reel waiting to happen, his speed combined with aerial antics makes for exciting defensive play and his attempts at deep throws are just as eventful. AJ is the member of the team committed enough to get the PRIMAL paw print tattooed on his body – tell us if you find it.
Name: Michael Donn (Perth)
Number: 33
Position: Handler
Bio: Started playing at the beginning of 2005 in BrisVegas after being introduced to the ‘flick’ by a mate playing in Sydney. I moved to Perth in 2006 where I have played most of my Ultimate. As most players I started out as a receiver maturing into a handler at least a league level, but still enjoy the mid and long cutter role.
History: Australian Ultimate Championships (2008-2009)
Name: Paige Oh (Perth)
Number: 11
Position: Handler
Bio: Paige made her Ultimate debut, at her mum’s insistence in 2007. Paige quickly adapted her other sporting skills to the game. Paige moved from cutter/receiver to handler, honing her skills and learning from admired fellow handlers. Paige’s patience and safe handling helping control the tempo of the game combined with some powerful throws, earned her a spot in the Australian side for the Trans Tasman championship (2011) and to represent at the World Junior Ultimate Championships (2012). The “OH” factor of Paige and her brother Kyal, makes for some great plays.
Name: Corinne Fournier (Canada)
Number: 43
Position: Cutter/Receiver
Bio: Corinne was first introduced to Ultimate Frisbee a few years ago as part of a university project for one of her classes and has been playing on and off ever since. She got her first taste of national competition at AUC 2011 shortly after arriving in Australia.  Discovering the wonderful Primal crew 2 days after arriving in Perth, she’s had the opportunity train with them and to learn from some of the best. Corinne brings a lovely touch of  Canadian flair to the team.
Name: Jo Josem (Perth)
Number: 12
Position: Cutter/Receiver
Bio: Jo was introduced to some form of Frisbee on a Uni camp in 2002 where her team won the match after she laid a great tackle in the water. She has since learnt the rules and some social etiquette, however is still hoping to learn how to throw. Jo wonders if ‘Cool Runnings’ was loosely based on her sporting career, as she failed in the Netball trials for Uni Games and then re-established the Monash Ultimate Frisbee club so that she and her friends could attend the prestigious event. She has never trained, except for a short stint in the Czech Republic where she represented the small country in a Central European tournament. She can run and she can catch, and she brings a repertoire of silly cheers.
Name: Shu-Hwei Huang Freundt (Melbourne/Dominican Republic)
Number: 26
Position: Handler/Receiver
Bio: Started playing only 3 years ago, got introduce by Carlos in Dominican Republic and ever since I found LOVE actually Double Love :p LOL … I love playing as a Handler or receiver, but really don’t mind being everywhere or anywhere, as long as I am doing something for the team :D. I have played 3 Nationals and 3 Mixed Nationals, I also was lucky enough to go to Asian Oceanic Ultimate Championships 2011 with the best and craziest crew ever!!! Awww Memories… I love playing in the SUN and LOVEEEEEEEE the Beach, so be prepared to go straight to the beach everyday after Ulti…
Name: Carlos Gross (Melbourne/Dominican Republic)
Number: 6
Position: Cutter/Receiver
Name: Timocles Copland (Brisbane)
Number: 34
Position: Cutter
Bio: Relatively new on the scene still, Timocles (pronounced: Tim with Cleats, yes it is Greek) has been all around the joint, being fortunate enough to play Club Nationals, Junior Worlds, AUGs and now, Mixed Nationals. From being Firestorm Ignition’s JTM to UQ’s male MVP at this year’s Uni Games, this kid might prove to be an asset, just make sure you don’t give him too much game time.
Name: Tim Davis (Adelaide)
Number: 67
Position: Cutter/Receiver
Bio: Started playing mid 2009 at the age of 16, and hasn’t stopped since. My older brother started in 2008 and once I’d been out throwing with him a few times I had to join in. Played local leagues and tournaments, and the went interstate for the first time in July last year, and was then over in NZ playing for the aussie U19 team 3 months later. Since then has competed in Melb hat, GCC and Nationals, and recently got back from Dublin with the U19’s team at world juniors. As long as I catch it in the endzone, and don’t have to throw, we won’t have any problems.
Name: Ben Foley (Adelaide)
Number: 2
Position: Cutter/Receiver
Bio: Ben has a beautiful girlfriend, studies Social Work, works at Goodwood PS, attends Holdfast Baptist Church, eats a lot of bacon, likes doing chin ups, grows vegetables, listens to hardcore and builds fixed gear bicycles. When he is bored of all of these things he plays Ultimate Frisbee. He particularly likes playing when it is sunny.
Name: Zach Kangelaris (Melbourne)
Number: 17
Position: Cutter
Bio: Started playing Ultimate the middle of 2011 when Zach attended a junior camp just for fun to see what it would be like. In no time at all he was named on the squad and was off to represent Australia in the Trans-Tasman series against New Zealand. AKA Kanga has been running around in Geelong with GFUC playing in tournaments such as the Golden City Classic and Eastern Regionals early this year. Hard work earned him a spot on the Aussie sqaud again and has recently returned from Ireland with U19 Australian Open team for WJUC. Still relatively new to the sport Zach can’t wait to contribute to the team effort and continue to improve his game. In the interest of cross training Kanga also dabbles in tennis, footy, and touch footy as well.
Name: Eli Haynes (Perth)
Water Boy
Number: 9
Bio: At only 9 years old Eli has a 40M flick into the wind, super quick chasing down a disc and will layout for ANYTHING. He already has over 2 years of Ultimate training under his belt, loves drills almost as much as taking a grab in the end zone. This kid has firmly established himself in the Ultimate community and is likely to be hanging around most events including a trip to Brisbane for AUC in 2011. Last year he even allowed Brodie Smith to share the spotlight in one of his YouTube videos. As much as he loves PRIMAL, he still proudly states the Peter “Peley” Eley of WordArt is his favourite player. Our poster child for youth Ultimate, take a few moments during AMUC to meet Eli and have a throw – keep up with him if you can.