Purpose of Policy:
PRIMAL Ultimate Club has legal and moral obligations to provide safe environments to its members.
Policies assist the Committee to adequately meet these obligations and to maintain responsible behaviour and ethical and informed decision-making within our sport. Our policy outlines our commitment to a person’s right to be treated with respect and dignity, and to be safe and protected from abuse.
It informs everyone of his or her legal and ethical rights and responsibilities and the standards of behaviour that are required. It also covers the care and protection of children participating in our sport’s activities.
Who the policy applies to:
The policy specifies who it applies to but generally this includes member, employees, board members, committee and sub-committee members, administrators, coaches, support personnel and players/athletes (and whether they are appointed, elected or selected to these roles); life members; parents, spectators and sponsors.

PRIMAL is affiliated with WA Flying Disc Association and in turn the Australian Flying Disc Association and are subject to their policies and guidelines.
A full list of WA Flying Disc Association’s policies can be found here and a full list of Australian Flying Disc Association’s policies can be found here.